The legal profession is one of the most lucrative fields you can choose to have a career in. It is diverse, intellectually stimulating and challenging, personally fulfilling, and in the last several years, it has experienced an impressive growth. Working as an attorney gives you the opportunity to understand and shape the most important aspects of our society, whether you are prosecuting a criminal in court or researching a patent issue for a new, entrepreneurial business. No matter the specialization, all factions of the legal field have one thing in common: client service.

Client service is the heart of Duren Law Offices in Wisconsin. Immediately after finishing law school, Christopher Duren returned to his hometown of Waunakee to open Duren Law Offices. While many law firms specialize in one are of law, Mr. Duren ambitiously opened hi small town law practice with the intention of offering his clients a full range of legal services, including Real Estate Law, Family Law, Business Law, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, and Bankruptcy.

Becoming a well-versed attorney in a wide array of legal fields is no easy feat, but Mr. Duren’s dedication to serving the residents of his hometown is limitless. Mr. Duren holds a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences & Law from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a Law Degree from Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. Despite his impressive academic background, he continues to cultivate his knowledge of the law every day in order to stay up to date with this constantly evolving industry.

In addition to being a successful law practitioner, Mr. Duren also has experience as a former Municipal Court Judge. As a lawyer, he is an expert at interpreting and applying the law to a variety of situations. As a judge, however, Mr. Duren developed the skills needed to critically analyze this application of law, reinforcing the steadfast integrity with which he always serves his clients and the general public.

Christopher Duren is a trusted name in the legal world because of the strong relationships he has developed throughout the industry, both as an attorney and as a judge. He has also proven his commitment to his clients by providing them services in nearly all of the practical facets of law. Whatever your needs, Mr. Duren and Duren Law Offices are here to help.

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